Two good reasons to stop all this nonsense with vampires and werewolves

Like This!

The first story is about a woman from Fruta, Colorado who crashed her car into a canal on Sunday night, claiming to have done so to avoid a vampire in the middle of a dirt road.

The woman reportedly told Colorado State Patrol officers that she saw a vampire in front of her car and put her SUV into reverse to avoid it, landing in a Mesa County canal.

In case you didn’t realize what she said, she swerved BECAUSE SHE SAW A VAMPIRE!


According to the Colorado State Patrol, drugs and alcohol were not involved in the crash and the woman was not charged with any wrongdoing. An investigator has stated there is some evidence the woman was not taking her normal medical prescription.

Something makes me think the medicine is not her daily Flintstone vitamin.

You can watch a video about the accident here.

The second story comes courtesy of Congress, of all places. Elena Kagan has been grilled by all sorts of members of congress in her bid to join the Supreme Court of the United States of America. The highest court our country has. The one with a lifetime appointment. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) asks “I keep wanting to ask you about the famous camp of Edward vs. Jacob or the vampire vs. the werewolf”. Really? At confirmation hearings?

You can watch the video of this portrayal of how stupid some people are, here.

In case people aren’t quite sure what the root of this insanity is, look below.

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One comment on “Two good reasons to stop all this nonsense with vampires and werewolves

  1. Kim says:

    1) Someone who is “off their meds” could just as easily have seen a person standing in the middle of the road as a vampire, I’m sure both wouldn’t have actually been there. It’s actually better that she crashed into the ditch, causing no harm to herself or another (real) person, than continuing to drive and possibly striking and killing someone down the road…

    2) Congressmen are idiots. If it wasn’t Team Jacob vs Team Edward (Jacob ftw!) they’d make comments about how she likes the Yankees and Sotomayor likes the Mets, which was actually discussed on the news a few months back.

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