Welcome to my blog! A guide:

Easy Button

I realize that my disorganized posting patterns might make it difficult for someone who might be interested in one aspect of the blog, but not in others, to find the posts best suited to them.

To ease the annoyance in sifting through all the posts in order to find topic in which you interested, I’m going to offer a few different links from which you can choose.

If you would like to browse every post on the blog, click here.

Also, the most recent posts are always linked on the right side of the page.

For posts related to any of the topics below, click the item to be brought to a page with links related solely to this topic:

1) History

2) English-related (grammar, word usage, etc.)

3) Sports

4) Origins (Word Origins)

5) My Sites of the Week

6) Posts related to interactions/thoughts about the New York City Subway

There are many other posts that don’t fit into these specific categories, ones you will hopefully enjoy. This is just to streamline the process in case you just want to read about one topic in particular. Naturally, some overlap of topics will occur.


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