My Thoughts on “Death Pools”

For those who don’t know, “death pools” involve wagering of some kind as to which celebrities will die next, over the upcoming year, or some other defined time period. A friend (who will be identified only as “Lazer”) asked me who I thought would be good candidates for such a poll. I came up with a nice-sized list, which I will paste later. These were all off-the-cuff, and some of them are pretty obvious guesses. Again, we’ll get to that later. 

It got me thinking, though. On one hand, the whole idea makes me feel uncomfortable, and it feels somewhat macabre. On the other, I rather enjoyed thinking of people who I thought would be good “guesses”, for a variety of reasons. I’m not sure if it troubles me to the degree with which I enjoyed throwing names of human beings out there casually, as though their deaths were like a random card chosen from a deck, or the equivalent of flipping over a Monopoly ‘Community Chest’ card.  Many of the people on the list have been going through hard times, or have had troubles in the past. Gambling on peoples’ unfortunate situations is weird. That said, I don’t hope they actually die, and it was fun speculating nonetheless.

Okay, sorry.

I was going to post the list, but I would just feel horrible if someone on the list saw it, and was like, “umm… glad you’re finding my hard luck humorous, jerk”, so I’m going to leave the list out. That would only detract from the point of the post, at any rate. I’m thinking that to some degree people choose to become a celebrity (Charlie Sheen), and as a result their lives are entirely public, and therefore subject to the whim of random online bloggers. Someone like Jerry Sandusky has never wanted to be in the news, but I don’t see too many people who would feel bad that his *alleged* atrocities were made public.

As such, I’m not sure if it’s a super idea to do something like this, but it was super-fun nevertheless.


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