Rookie Blue – Review

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Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue (ABC Thursday nights at 9) centers around five fresh-out-of-the-Academy cops. The general impression you get is that they’re a little giddy and excited, which comes off a little bit annoying, as though they’re trying to be considered cutesy, when they’re actually officers of the law. They’re all really good-looking, too. Surprise!

Where are they cops? What mean streets are they patrolling? We don’t find out. I spent the first ten minutes trying to figure out which city they were in, only to notice that every police car and uniform was missing any form of identification. Nowadays it seems like many shows have the city in the title, and if not, you find out within the first few minutes. A generic city makes the show generic, which isn’t a good sign.

Parts of the first episode are kind-of obvious and stereotypical, complete with one cop putting her radio on the wrong side, pushing the wrong button, another not knowing when to have their gun out, and other hyuks that are too predictable. Also somewhat cliche is that the the veteran training cops roll their eyes at the young rookies. Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma), a pretty black female cop walks over to her new partner, full of cheer and excitement, with a giant pink bag, and the veteran goes “Great. I get Jenny from the block” and snarkily says about her bag “That is not coming in my car.” Not surprisingly, we meet a possible love interest for Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), who appears to be the main character.

To the show’s credit, I liked the chemistry between the rookies. It kind-of reminded me of the (original) cast of  Scrubs.

I enjoyed the show. I might have enjoyed a little more substance in a first episode. It seemed like a lot of the show was fluff, and there needs to be more content and plot development. The show didn’t instantly draw me in, which was disappointing; it took me a while to “care” about the show. There is a lot of potential in the show, and I’m going to keep watching for improvements.

Other cast members include Gregory Smith (Dov Epstein), Charlotte Sullivan (Gail Peck), Travis Milne (Chris Diaz), Ben Bass (Sam Swarek) and Eric Johnson (Luke Callaghan). We’ll need to see more of these people to judge.

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2 comments on “Rookie Blue – Review

  1. Claire says:

    They are in Toronto , its not that hard to figure out
    b/c they have canadian money the cop cars that they have are only found in Vancouver or Toronto , and finally it shows the cn tower at least once every episode

    • Avraham says:

      So basically what you’re saying is that if you already know where these specific police cars can be found, then you know. Even if that was common knowledge, you said it could be Toronto or Vancouver, which are very different places. I don’t know what a CN Tower is, let alone where it is. Should I have to memorize every trademark building in the world to identify a show?

      Every show tells you where it is, if it isn’t in the name of the show. This show told us nothing. This was also written after the first episode.

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