Someone please appreciate this Honeymooners reference!

Someone please appreciate this!

I was at the gym, talking to a guy named Ralph. When I meet guys named Ralph, my mind instantly goes to Ralph Kramden, of The Honeymooners fame. Thankfully, he made the reference first, so I didn’t have to hold it in for eternity and constantly try to NOT mention every single time I see him.

Anyhoo, I was kibbitzing around with him, and he called me ‘a riot’. After doing a double take, I was sooooo tempted to yell, “A regggular riot Alice, a regular riot!” but I resisted, mainly because I didn’t want to have to switch gyms.

It should also be noted that every time I see him, I have a remarkably strong desire to howl in a Norton-esque voice, “Heyyyyy Ralphie Boy!!” but I have thus far resisted.


A pet peeve of mine about many TV shows

I may be the only person with this hang-up, but why does there has to be sexual tension among the main characters of a show? Can’t it just be that people fight crime, be funny, or whatever the other main plot-lines are nowadays? It takes away the focus on what is otherwise a good show.

Consider – when the two main characters hook-up or start dating, it changes the show. Instead of the show being about __________ (fill in actual plot of your show), it becomes a soap opera and a matter of which one said something wrong to whom and made it awkward with the other.

If one regular character on the show “meets” someone, that’s organic – and fine – but it shouldn’t be obligatory that in EVERY show they have to get together and then it turns into a whole back-and-forth that lasts for the duration of the show regardless of how long they date and the only real consequence is that you lose the prime focus of the original point of the show.

Take a show like Friends – half of them dated each other, and instead of the show being funny, they ended up focusing on Rachel and Ross getting together, then breaking up, (repeat six times) or Rachel and Joey, or Chandler & Monica. Instead of being a funny happy-go-lucky show for thirty minutes a week, a bunch of the episodes end on a sad note and you’re wondering what happened, leaving you thinking “I thought this was supposed to be funny”.

Relationships on TV shows aren’t bad per se, but when the point of the show is to make you giggle while the family eats frozen dinners around the TV, or make you sit at the edge of your seat while a murderer is being chased by unusually suave officers of the law, thinking about how that’s going to affect how this person feels about another person, who may or may not care for this person more than another person, lessens the show.

Dating stuff is amazing for The Hills, Gossip Girls and the thirty ‘Housewife’ shows, but it irks me on a drama show or a show that people watch to escape the day-to-day stress of their lives.

Am I alone in thinking this?

Rookie Blue – Review

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Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue (ABC Thursday nights at 9) centers around five fresh-out-of-the-Academy cops. The general impression you get is that they’re a little giddy and excited, which comes off a little bit annoying, as though they’re trying to be considered cutesy, when they’re actually officers of the law. They’re all really good-looking, too. Surprise!

Where are they cops? What mean streets are they patrolling? We don’t find out. I spent the first ten minutes trying to figure out which city they were in, only to notice that every police car and uniform was missing any form of identification. Nowadays it seems like many shows have the city in the title, and if not, you find out within the first few minutes. A generic city makes the show generic, which isn’t a good sign.

Parts of the first episode are kind-of obvious and stereotypical, complete with one cop putting her radio on the wrong side, pushing the wrong button, another not knowing when to have their gun out, and other hyuks that are too predictable. Also somewhat cliche is that the the veteran training cops roll their eyes at the young rookies. Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma), a pretty black female cop walks over to her new partner, full of cheer and excitement, with a giant pink bag, and the veteran goes “Great. I get Jenny from the block” and snarkily says about her bag “That is not coming in my car.” Not surprisingly, we meet a possible love interest for Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), who appears to be the main character.

To the show’s credit, I liked the chemistry between the rookies. It kind-of reminded me of the (original) cast of  Scrubs.

I enjoyed the show. I might have enjoyed a little more substance in a first episode. It seemed like a lot of the show was fluff, and there needs to be more content and plot development. The show didn’t instantly draw me in, which was disappointing; it took me a while to “care” about the show. There is a lot of potential in the show, and I’m going to keep watching for improvements.

Other cast members include Gregory Smith (Dov Epstein), Charlotte Sullivan (Gail Peck), Travis Milne (Chris Diaz), Ben Bass (Sam Swarek) and Eric Johnson (Luke Callaghan). We’ll need to see more of these people to judge.

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“The Big Bang Theory” question regarding ‘Homo Habilis’

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The Big Bang Theory Cast

The Big Bang Theory Cast

A show that I only recently got into, The Big Bang Theory, is hilarious.

From the CBS website, a bit about the show:

Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists, the kind of “beautiful minds” that understand how the universe works. But none of that genius helps them interact with people, especially women. All this begins to change when a free-spirited beauty named Penny moves in next door. Sheldon, Leonard’s roommate, is quite content spending his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow CalTech scientists Wolowitz and Koothrappali. However, Leonard sees in Penny a whole new universe of possibilities… including love.

This show is a nerd’s delight. Lots of obscure references, science concepts, et cetera, mixed in with a boatload of anti-social tendencies.

For some reason, because I assume the show is “geared” towards the more educated population, I (perhaps naively) thought that the various theories and ideas would be scientifically accurate.

Homo Habilis

Homo Habilis

There is one word that they mentioned numerous times, and the pronunciation is not how I learned it. The word is habilis, as in homo habilis. Homo habilis is the earliest known species of the genus Homo, according to many. Granted I only took one archaeology class in college, but every time I hear them say it I cringe.

On the show, they pronounce it as thought it’s ‘haBILLus’, while I was taught it was pronounced ‘HAbillus’. I looked it up on some website, and they pronounce it as I was taught. You can listen here.

Just sharing.

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Quartet Of ‘NCIS’ Co-Stars In CBS Limbo


Actual story courtesy of Deadline. My comments below the article.

EXCLUSIVE: CBS’ top drama series, NCIS, will no doubt be back for an eighth season, but what about the cast? While star Mark Harmon, who is also a producer on the show, is locked in, the four other original cast members, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum and Sean Murray (he started off as a recurring in season 1), have no deals beyond the current seventh season. And from what I hear, talks between the actors and CBS TV Studios, which produces the hit procedural, have slowed down with the two sides far apart on the money. My understanding is that the studio went to the cast members with pretty low-ball offers, leading to the impasse.

At least a couple of the quartet are making well under $100,000 per episode, which is low for a hit seven-year-old series. I hear co-star Cote de Pablo, whose deal is up after next season, also has been approached with a similar low offer to extend her contract. In addition to Harmon and de Pablo, also set to return is regular Rocky Carroll, who also has a deal in place for next season. He joined the show in Season 5 as a recurring and was upped to regular the following year.

This is one of television’s most popular shows, and perhaps my favorite. For seven seasons I’ve watched the “team” evolve into one of the most charming shows in recent TV history. While I don’t think this will end up being a REAL problem, and expect it to be rectified before the beginning of filming for the eighth season, the idea of having the show without any of Tony, Tim, Ducky, or Abbey is just tough to imagine. They need to get them resigned.

Persian And Asian Versions Of “The Jersey Shore” In Planning Stages

Jersey Shore Cast

This is just insane now. Article courtesy of All Headline News:

Hollywood, CA, United States (AHN) – First the country’s top guidos and guidettes made their way on to the Jersey Shore and hate list of every Italian-American society in the country, then their were rumors of a Russian version hitting Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach and now it looks like the Persian and Asian communities are wanting a little slice of the hit MTV show’s success too. Numerous outlets are reporting that there are currently open casting calls for Persian-Americans and Asian-Americans that are willing to bare all and then a little some for two new reality shows.

According to Perez Hilton, the Persian version’s casting call reads: “Los Angeles [-based] proud Persian-Americans who rule the Hollywood nightlife and own Beverly Hills. It’s time to show the world that being Persian-American is a celebration of the American dream.”

It continues: “If your life is ‘all about Gucci- Gabbana, Cavalli and Cristal’ or if buying anything ‘from BMWs and Bugatis, to Mercedes and Movado-money is no object,’ then should apply.”

Meanwhile, the Asian-American casting call is “looking for interesting, attractive, colorful Asian-American to cast in a reality show similar to ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Real World.’ ‘The Hills,’ etc.”

The ad also indicated that casting isn’t limited strictly to Asian-Americans either, while it also did not say which production company had posted the notice.

With all these different reality shows being pitched, viewers might need to install translation apps on to their smart phones to keep up with the international lingo and phrases by these fame-hungry casts. We can only imagine how many versions of “The Situation” or a Snooki, audiences will be able to handle.

How many, indeed?! I think that flooding the market with these shows will make them old QUICK. Some aspects of the Jersey Shore were annoying already, and that’s with people already “knowing” about the “Italian” culture. Russians? Asians? Persians? Eh.

In case you didn’t know, J-WOW (Welsh? Irish?), Snooki (Chilean), Ronnie (half Spanish) aren’t even Italian, and none of them are from New Jersey or Staten Island.