A pet peeve of mine about many TV shows

I may be the only person with this hang-up, but why does there has to be sexual tension among the main characters of a show? Can’t it just be that people fight crime, be funny, or whatever the other main plot-lines are nowadays? It takes away the focus on what is otherwise a good show.

Consider – when the two main characters hook-up or start dating, it changes the show. Instead of the show being about __________ (fill in actual plot of your show), it becomes a soap opera and a matter of which one said something wrong to whom and made it awkward with the other.

If one regular character on the show “meets” someone, that’s organic – and fine – but it shouldn’t be obligatory that in EVERY show they have to get together and then it turns into a whole back-and-forth that lasts for the duration of the show regardless of how long they date and the only real consequence is that you lose the prime focus of the original point of the show.

Take a show like Friends – half of them dated each other, and instead of the show being funny, they ended up focusing on Rachel and Ross getting together, then breaking up, (repeat six times) or Rachel and Joey, or Chandler & Monica. Instead of being a funny happy-go-lucky show for thirty minutes a week, a bunch of the episodes end on a sad note and you’re wondering what happened, leaving you thinking “I thought this was supposed to be funny”.

Relationships on TV shows aren’t bad per se, but when the point of the show is to make you giggle while the family eats frozen dinners around the TV, or make you sit at the edge of your seat while a murderer is being chased by unusually suave officers of the law, thinking about how that’s going to affect how this person feels about another person, who may or may not care for this person more than another person, lessens the show.

Dating stuff is amazing for The Hills, Gossip Girls and the thirty ‘Housewife’ shows, but it irks me on a drama show or a show that people watch to escape the day-to-day stress of their lives.

Am I alone in thinking this?


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