The classic Bill Burr Yankees rant from last year

Like This!

Bill Burr

Bill Burr

The audio can be found here or by clicking the above image. He recorded it while on the Opie and Anthony show after the Yankees World Series victory. It’s somewhat off-color, and has some naughty words, but if that doesn’t offend you, and you’re a baseball fan, you MUST listen to it.

Classic stuff.

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Mets v. Yankees is not a real rivalry now. Can we just accept that?

mets yankees

I would like address this issue. I love the New York Mets. For years, I’ve had Yankees fans approach me and say “The Yankees are better than the Mets.” Any mildly rational person would respond, “Well, yes, fine sir, they are”.

This whole Subway Series inter-league rivalry nonsense is just that – nonsense. Can we stop pretending it’s some epic battle between hated rivals? There hasn’t been any real juice since Piazza-Clemens. The Mets haven’t won a World Series in twenty-four years. Making comments about salary differentials is just sour grapes. Enough.

Even though the Mets took two out of three games this time from the Yankees, can anybody say that a team with Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Santana, and Bay is better than A-Rod, Jeter, Teixeira, Cano, and Posada, Sabathia, and Rivera? Am I pleased that Johan outpitched CC? Sure. Does that have any bearing on the overall alleged rivalry? Zero.

The Mets have spent more time discussing how to be near .500, while the Yankees are often pondering resting players to prepare themselves for the playoffs.

Can we just stop it already?

Site of the Week: ESPN New York

ESPN New York

As ridiculous as it seems to be “sharing” an ESPN website you “might not know about”, ESPN has just gone public with a website centered just around New York sports, as it has with other cities.

What’s cool is they’re asking us to tell them what we want to see on the site.

From their website:

Here’s the thing: At, we don’t care what they think in Boston, or in Chicago, or in L.A. We care what people think down the block, around the corner, in East Flatbush, in Astoria, in St. George, on the D train or the B61 bus — and in Westchester, North Jersey and on Long Island, too.

We care what you think. So if you’re a New York fan, tell us where you live or where you come from — especially if it’s in the New York metro area — and give us a piece of your mind. We want to know if the Yankees really own this town, if the Mets are bigger on the Island, if you like Sanchez better than Eli, and if you care that the Nets are about to do the bridge-and-tunnel hop.

This is the 2010 New York Sports Census. Put up or shut up.

This should be fun. Share your thoughts with ESPN.

Enjoy the site. Hope it lives up to expectations.

This week’s site of the week: ESPN New York

To quote Brian Regan, “Go my favorite sports team!”

500 Tickets Being Given Away For Friday’s Celebration Following Ticker-Tape Parade. Want to win?!


New York Yankees City Hall Plaza Ceremony Ticket Giveaway – Click here

The enrollment period for the ticket giveaway to the New York Yankees City Hall Plaza Ceremony will be held today, Thursday, November 5th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Each winner will receive two (2) tickets. Please visit again between those hours.

There have been reports in the past of fraudulent offers for tickets to the parade – including access to floats – and to the ceremony. There are no tickets or passes to any portion of the parade, and any such offers are fake. Ceremony tickets are not for resale. If you are aware of any tickets or passes being sold, please call 311.

You can also enter by calling 311. Here’s an article about it by WCBS.

Those unable to get access to City Hall Plaza can still get in on the action. The sidewalks lining the parade route along Broadway from Battery Place to Chambers Street are open to all members of the public, and the City will set up a large screen near City Hall Park for members of the public to watch the subsequent ceremony.

What would you do for World Series tickets?

wsprostituteApparently, this lady was willing to trade a bit of time with her body. Craigslist continues to be the avenue for just about anything.

Police say the desperate fan asked for two tickets.
“This is just an individual that got caught up in it, I guess in the hype of the Phillies World Series, she wanted her ticket at any cost and was willing to go the extra mile,” Fred Harran of the Bensalem Police Department said.

The extra mile, indeed.