Someone please appreciate this Honeymooners reference!

Someone please appreciate this!

I was at the gym, talking to a guy named Ralph. When I meet guys named Ralph, my mind instantly goes to Ralph Kramden, of The Honeymooners fame. Thankfully, he made the reference first, so I didn’t have to hold it in for eternity and constantly try to NOT mention every single time I see him.

Anyhoo, I was kibbitzing around with him, and he called me ‘a riot’. After doing a double take, I was sooooo tempted to yell, “A regggular riot Alice, a regular riot!” but I resisted, mainly because I didn’t want to have to switch gyms.

It should also be noted that every time I see him, I have a remarkably strong desire to howl in a Norton-esque voice, “Heyyyyy Ralphie Boy!!” but I have thus far resisted.