A classy message from the owners of the Mets about the passing of George Steinbrenner, owner of the rival Yankees.

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“The passing of George Steinbrenner marks the end of an era in New York City baseball history. George was a larger than life figure and a force in the industry. The rise and success of his teams on the field and in the business marketplace under his leadership are a testament to his skill, drive, and determination. “All of us at the Mets send our deepest condolences to his wife Joan, his sons Hank and Hal, daughters Jennifer and Jessica, his grandchildren, and everyone at the Yankees organization.”

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A Mets (or any other MLB team) Toaster! Yes please!

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Mets Toaster

Mets Toaster

Ummmm. Toast with my favorite team’s logo emblazoned onto it? Amazing. I’m sure it improves the taste, too. You can buy this toaster (and other teams’ toasters) by clicking here.

From the site:
Pangea New York Mets ProToast™ Toaster
Item No: 4047765

  • Retro style toaster features your team logo on the outside and toasts your bread with your favorite team’s logo too!
  • Two slice toaster
  • Adjustable settings for desired toasting levels, including a setting for frozen breads
  • Works on white and wheat bread, as well as frozen waffles and English muffins
  • UL tested and approved
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    Ike Davis is a good baseball player and a good boy!

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    I Like Ike - Ike Davis Tshirts

    I Like Ike - Ike Davis Tshirts

    I freakin’ love Ike Davis, first baseman for the New York Mets.

    Here are snippets from the article you can find on DNAinfo.

    It’s not yet June and the 23-year-old freshman first baseman already has a tribute shirt — an appropriation of the 1950s-era Eisenhower presidential campaign slogan.

    But Davis’s play is not the only thing exciting fans.

    With many Jewish baseball fans in New York, Davis’s roots have become a subject of fascination. His mother is Jewish, Ike was named for his Jewish grandfather (Isaac), and a number of his Jewish family members perished in the Holocaust.

    “It’s cool,” said Davis, of being Jewish and playing in New York. “Jerry Seinfeld turned to his kid and said, ‘Look, you can be Jewish and be a professional ballplayer.’ In that sense it’s a good thing, for sure.”

    Davis will donate all of his “I Like Ike” T-shirt proceeds to Ewing’s Sarcoma research, a form of cancer that took the life of his close friend, Mike Leo.

    Cannot get enough of this guy! A gutte nishama!

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    Mets v. Yankees is not a real rivalry now. Can we just accept that?

    mets yankees

    I would like address this issue. I love the New York Mets. For years, I’ve had Yankees fans approach me and say “The Yankees are better than the Mets.” Any mildly rational person would respond, “Well, yes, fine sir, they are”.

    This whole Subway Series inter-league rivalry nonsense is just that – nonsense. Can we stop pretending it’s some epic battle between hated rivals? There hasn’t been any real juice since Piazza-Clemens. The Mets haven’t won a World Series in twenty-four years. Making comments about salary differentials is just sour grapes. Enough.

    Even though the Mets took two out of three games this time from the Yankees, can anybody say that a team with Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Santana, and Bay is better than A-Rod, Jeter, Teixeira, Cano, and Posada, Sabathia, and Rivera? Am I pleased that Johan outpitched CC? Sure. Does that have any bearing on the overall alleged rivalry? Zero.

    The Mets have spent more time discussing how to be near .500, while the Yankees are often pondering resting players to prepare themselves for the playoffs.

    Can we just stop it already?

    Site of the Week: ESPN New York

    ESPN New York

    As ridiculous as it seems to be “sharing” an ESPN website you “might not know about”, ESPN has just gone public with a website centered just around New York sports, as it has with other cities.

    What’s cool is they’re asking us to tell them what we want to see on the site.

    From their website:

    Here’s the thing: At ESPNNewYork.com, we don’t care what they think in Boston, or in Chicago, or in L.A. We care what people think down the block, around the corner, in East Flatbush, in Astoria, in St. George, on the D train or the B61 bus — and in Westchester, North Jersey and on Long Island, too.

    We care what you think. So if you’re a New York fan, tell us where you live or where you come from — especially if it’s in the New York metro area — and give us a piece of your mind. We want to know if the Yankees really own this town, if the Mets are bigger on the Island, if you like Sanchez better than Eli, and if you care that the Nets are about to do the bridge-and-tunnel hop.

    This is the 2010 New York Sports Census. Put up or shut up.

    This should be fun. Share your thoughts with ESPN.

    Enjoy the site. Hope it lives up to expectations.

    This week’s site of the week: ESPN New York

    To quote Brian Regan, “Go my favorite sports team!”

    Brooklyn Cyclones Mini Plans come with Free Food and Free Cap!

    Brooklyn Cyclones

    When you purchase a Mini Plan for the 2010 season of the Brooklyn Cyclones, you get some free goodies. What more could you ask for than stellar Short-Season A New York Mets baseball and some free loot to boot?!

    From the site:

    There are seven great 5-game plans, each featuring something for everyone – including fireworks, rivalries, jersey giveaways, and weekend games. Or, if five games just isn’t enough, create your own 7-game package with our Flex Plan. With the Flex Plan, you choose the seven games you would like to attend, the free food and gifts are still yours, and at each game in your 7-game plan, you will receive the best seat location available in your seating category.

    More information from the page:

    In addition to flexibility and affordability, Mini Plan Holder benefits include:

    • Same great seats to every game in your plan.  (Flex Plan holders will receive the best available seat, in their seating category, to each game in their plan.)
    • FREE FOOD: a hot dog or hamburger, soft drink, and chips at every game for every seat in your plan!
    • Priority Seating: Select the area in which you want to sit and receive the best seats prior to tickets going on sale to the general public (based on availability).
    • EXCLUSIVE Mini Plan Holder cap giveaway.
    • Exclusive Invitation to a Cyclones pre-season practice.
    • First chance to purchase additional tickets before they go on sale to the general public, including Opening Day and playoffs.
    • Unused Ticket Policy: Any tickets not used for a previously played game may be exchanged for a bleacher ticket to any 2010 Sunday-Thursday home game, based on availability. Or, you can exchange your ticket and pay just $5 for a Field Box Seat.

    For more information, and to see the package options, click here. I’ll probably sign up for a package as soon as I have the slightest clue who will be playing for the team.