Twitter Feed of the Week: Tweets from History

OK, so normally there is a site of the week, and technically the tweets can be found on a website, but it’s really a Twitter feed.

This feed is another place you can find “historical” tweets, short humorous messages that historical figures might tweet.

I have pasted only some of the hilarious ones you can find. If you want to see the full list, or follow him on Twitter, click here.

Achilles: Open-healed sandals are in this year.

Menelaus: Yeah, Helen, she’s hot. Looks like trouble though.

Magellan: I just went out to get a loaf of bread.

Bog, 100,000 BCE: Yo, Norf, Dood, no wonder your starving, man. Sharp end first.

Leonardo da Vinci: Yes, I know what she’s smilin about. He he he.

Geronimo: You say what when you jump out of a plane? … Why? … What’s a plane?

Isaac Newton: Well, there’s a coconut tree over there, but the apple tree is a little more shady.

Ivan the Annoying: My PR guys are terrible.

King David: Bathsheba? Yeah, I know her. Why?