On Post-War Hatred

With today being Pearl Harbor Day, a quandary I have had many times came up. The issue is this – for how long after a war/attack/persecution is a people allowed to hate the other party?

The examples are many, and yet perhaps somewhat inconsistent. People would look at me like I was insane if I started cursing out British tourists for their treatment of the colonials 240 years ago, but would you be shocked if a Native American expressed anger towards the U.S. government for the terrible treatment of their people? Across much of the southern part of the United States you will see people flying Confederate flags, with slogans like “The South will rise again”. Is this merely misplaced anger from 150 years ago? Does it even matter? Is it odd that many Brits are still wary of the French after all the years of fighting? So many examples, and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.

Would it change anything if both sides of the war were angry? Americans had (have) spent a long time being angry at the Japanese for World War II, Pearl Harbor, etc., and I’m sure there have to be many Japanese who are upset with the U.S. over the use of the atomic bomb. If one started to be less upset, should that cue the end of the other side’s hatred? Clearly this is not the case.

Does it matter if our former enemies are now our allies? Does time heal the wounds? I would think that you could argue that in both cases the answer could be no, absolutely not. If time does play a role, how much time must elapse? One generation? 100 years? It all seems rather incongruous to me.

In some regions of the world I am sure that the wounds from thousands of years ago still sting as though they were fresh. I imagine that in the Western world it’s much harder for a people to hate the people of a nation, or to refuse to purchase their products, than it used to be. Society is much more liberal; everybody is expected to get along with everybody, and every kid gets a participation trophy so they don’t feel badly about themselves. Nobody is allowed to hate, or even resent, people in public anymore. On the flip side, there are many regions of the world, and subsets of people who VERY much still harbor hatred for their former antagonists and live their lives according to this ethos.

I’m not totally sure I have an answer to this question. It was just something on my mind, and I decided to share. Your thoughts are welcome.


File this under YES PLEASE! American Revolution Document Auction!

Haym Salomon Bill of Exchange

Haym Salomon Bill of Exchange

This site gives you a breakdown of what’s for sale, including some highlights. From the site:

The first sale of items from the James S. Copley Library will be held on Wednesday, 14 April at Sotheby’s New York, and this is probably going to be the Americana sale to watch this year. The entire catalog is highlights, so I’ll preview just a few of them here.

I’m not going to paste the whole article because it’s fairly long, but I will say that I wish I could get my hands on some of these items! Letters from and signed by Washington, Jefferson, Adams (actually 4 of them: John, Abigail, Samuel & John Quincy), Hancock, Madison, Monroe, Paine, Revere, Putnam, Burgoyne, Morris, and so many more! There are also a number of items from Lincoln.

If you want to spend lots of money on me, please don’t hesitate to spend it here.

Here‘s a link to the 389 page PDF with all the information in it. Enjoy perusing.

Please note the photo I selected as a Jewish guy. 🙂

A 360 Degree Tour of Ford’s Theatre, and much more. Lincoln fans, this is for you!

Fords Theatre

Ford's Theatre

Courtesy of the famous Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC, feel free to check out this really cool 360 degree view of the theater. It’s packed with pictures and information about the theater, but focuses on the night President Lincoln was shot, and what occurred the night John Wilkes Booth killed one of the most beloved Americans of all time.

They’ve also added pictures of all the major players in that night’s events, including the conspirators involved in the plot to take out the administration.

Enjoy it!

My Favorite History Channel Special, The Presidents, is on sale! YES PLEASE!

The Presidents - History Channel

I am thrilled that my favorite History Channel special is on sale for 50% off! Click here for the special sale! The Presidents is an eight-part special that “illuminates the legendary leaders and forgotten placeholders in a 215-year history of the highest office in the land”.

The States & The Presidents Gift Set

It’s actually being sold as a box set along with “The States”, which “tracks down what’s special and unique throughout the union. Its ambitious state-by-state approach ensures that each region’s highlights get the attention they deserve.” I haven’t seen that one at all, but it looks really interesting and hope to pick it up.

I’ve watched The Presidents easily a few times each (the memory isn’t what it used to be), and remember new tidbits about different Presidents each time. The sale only lasts until February 21st, so if you’re interested in getting the package, don’t take too long.

Hope this interests you!