A ‘thank you’ to Denny’s

I was raised only eating kosher food, and I never really felt the desire to eat non-kosher.

Denny’s has started making a food item I want to eat. Now. Behold!

Fried cheese melt, made with four fried mozzarella sticks and melted American cheese grilled between two slices of sourdough bread. It is served with French fries and a side of marinara sauce, $4

Grilled cheese and mozzarella sticks – FRIED!

One comment on “A ‘thank you’ to Denny’s

  1. Elie says:

    I’m with you. Mirza Hashem some sub-tastic kosher place will copy this and make it much worse for $7.95, and in some ways, that’ll be good enough.

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