Israel was bad for NOT letting food and supplies in, and now they’re bad because they DO!

A few videos:

Gaza tunnels going out of business

Gaza Arabs didn’t want food aid at all – The Palestinians were lying ! (surprise)

Apparently, there was no food/humanitarian crisis. Gaza Arabs didn’t want food aid at all. They have too much. They also complain prices for refrigerators and other products have dropped since Israel dropped the economic blockade on Gaza.

From this Bloomberg report:

Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has been a bonanza for Palestine Food Industries Co., the only functioning juice maker in the Gaza Strip, with sales increasing ten-fold as the embargo kept out competition. Now, as Israel relaxes its restrictions, the company has joined fellow manufacturers including Pepsi-Cola bottlers Yazegi Group in demanding that Hamas protect local industries and refuse imports of juice, soda and snack foods. Officials of the Islamic movement have heeded the calls and are barring entry of such items as Israeli grapefruit juice and potato chips.

If Hamas allows Israeli juice to enter Gaza, Palestine Food will have to compete with Primor juices made by Gan Shmuel Food Industries Ltd., based on the Gan Shmuel kibbutz south of Haifa, and the Tapuzina-brand produced by closely held Jafora Tabori Ltd., based in Rehovot, near Tel Aviv. Gaza City-based Yazegi Group’s Pepsi factory published newspaper ads calling on Hamas not to allow rival soft drinks into Gaza, according to its director Rajab al-Ghazali. Al-Awda Factories Co., which makes cookies and ice cream and is located in Gaza City, has also sought Hamas protection from Israeli imports, said Manal Hassan, its executive director.

I found links to this information on Maqata.

Now I get it! They had food all along! Surprise!!*sarcasm* To anyone that bothered to check the facts, it was obvious they had food all along. There are now actual rallies saying that they DON’T want food! A ‘nation’ that has been kept under a ‘horrific’ blockade! Pathetic liars.

Now that there’s a real market (which would occur if it became an open economy anyway) they say they DON’T want food or supplies from Israel, and say it’s hurting business. It’s good when you have a monopoly.

The truth slips out piece by piece.


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