As the luxury Gaza Mall opens, more lies are exposed

The photos and much of the information is from Elder of Ziyon.

This mall must be located in a huge metropolitan city, right? All sorts of items that one can only expect from a developed nation, one with freedom as part of its credo? A mall, replete with air conditioning and parking couldn’t be in a ‘war-torn’ town, could it?

If you thought that, you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

This mall is in the blockaded, ‘repressed’, ‘poor’ Gaza. The photos we see all the time are posed photos of desolation, and faked photos of tortured innocent souls at the hands of the merciless Israelis.

The charade that the imbeciles worldwide believed is falling apart rapidly before their eyes. The bomb-strapped young are left with nothing to do besides hang out at their new mall. In case you can’t visit, you can check out their website.

Repressed indeed!


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