Vuvuzelas aren’t going away any time soon…

Like This!



By now, I’m sure just about everyone in the world knows (and cannot stand) the vuvuzela, the African noisemaker, pictured above. It creates an incessant buzzing sound that makes most people want to stick a fork in their eardrums.

There has been much debate at to whether to ban them, an idea I very much favor. This post is not about the debate.

There is a Droid application that plays the sound. It’s an accurate sound, and it’s just not a pretty sound.

Even worse, YouTube has put an icon at the bottom of every video with a little soccer ball. If you click on said ball, the sound of the vuvuzela plays. You can see the little soccer ball in the image below:

I don’t like that people are actively spreading the sound across the world even more than it has to be. For all those that haven’t heard the noise, it’s almost worth it just to know something you don’t ever want to hear.

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