Three reasons Droid fans should be psyched


There are three new apps/functions that are in the works for Android phones that I’m really excited about. All of this information is courtesy of Mashable. Click on the links below for the articles.

1) Google Confirms Android 2.2 Will Support Flash

2) Google Search Unveils Upcoming Hulu App for Android

3) Firefox for Android Pre-Alpha Released

Granted, these are all “in the works”, which means I have no idea when they’ll be available, but Flash would be sweet, Hulu would be tons of fun, and I’m a big fan of Firefox.

2 comments on “Three reasons Droid fans should be psyched

  1. Elie says:

    The firefox thing is really just a choice of browser – it’s helpful to have choices, but it’s not that big of a deal; the hulu app is dependent on the flash support (unless it’s running the standard/older player, but I’m pretty sure hulu runs a flash player) and that’s the bigger deal. Apple refuses to support flash on any of their iDevices and it really won’t be until android does support it that you start seeing google phones take over the smart phone market (which i can’t wait for)

    • Avraham says:

      I’ve always liked Firefox. It’d be cool to have it mobile.

      Apple may have their hand forced if Google makes it standard.

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