File this under YES PLEASE! American Revolution Document Auction!

Haym Salomon Bill of Exchange

Haym Salomon Bill of Exchange

This site gives you a breakdown of what’s for sale, including some highlights. From the site:

The first sale of items from the James S. Copley Library will be held on Wednesday, 14 April at Sotheby’s New York, and this is probably going to be the Americana sale to watch this year. The entire catalog is highlights, so I’ll preview just a few of them here.

I’m not going to paste the whole article because it’s fairly long, but I will say that I wish I could get my hands on some of these items! Letters from and signed by Washington, Jefferson, Adams (actually 4 of them: John, Abigail, Samuel & John Quincy), Hancock, Madison, Monroe, Paine, Revere, Putnam, Burgoyne, Morris, and so many more! There are also a number of items from Lincoln.

If you want to spend lots of money on me, please don’t hesitate to spend it here.

Here‘s a link to the 389 page PDF with all the information in it. Enjoy perusing.

Please note the photo I selected as a Jewish guy. šŸ™‚


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