Was the shift in weather for me? Forecasters: S. Florida Winter Among Coldest Ever

Florida Snow

Florida Snow

Because my lovely in-laws are in Florida, I’ve been blessed with a bunch of time in the Miami-area, and I like it there. The only issue I generally have is that I was made for the winter, not for a land where it’s summer eight months out of the year. The past few times I went down there, it appeared unseasonably cool. Now it’s official. We set records for among the coldest winters ever in South Florida. GO GOD!! WOO HOO!!

Forecasters: S. Florida Winter Among Coldest Ever

Record Low Average Temperatures Set For Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, Naples

Cooler Than Normal Temps, Higher Rainfall Expected In April

Unless you spent this winter somewhere else, you know it was chilly, at least by South Florida standards. Now, with the data in, the National Weather Service has made it official. The first 3 months of the year were the coldest ever reported in Miami Beach, Naples, and West Palm Beach, and was among the coldest winters ever for Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

That information was included in an analysis of winter weather patterns conducted by the National Weather Service weather forecast office in Miami.

Forecasters sat March set record cold readings for Miami Beach, which was 5.8 degrees colder than normal, on average, and for Naples, where the average temperature was almost a degree colder than the previous record.

Forecasters say, overall, there were only a handful of days where temperatures were above normal in South Florida.

Miami temperatures averaged almost 5 degrees below normal, making the January-March period the 9th coldest ever, while Ft. Lauderdale had its 4th coldest period ever.

While the cold weather of winter appears to be over, that doesn’t mean South Florida won’t continue to see cooler-than-normal temperatures, according to the National Weather Service.

Their outlook claims cooler than normal coastal water temperatures in Florida will combine with the continued “el Nino” weather pattern to likely keep April temperatures below the norm.

The May forecast sees temperatures closer to normal, but that comes with the likelihood rainfall will be greater than normal.

All of South Florida also saw an increase in rainfall when compared to previous years, but West Palm Beach, with almost 11 inches of rainfall in March, saw its 5th wettest march ever. Miami Beach, with just over 4 inches of rain in March, saw its 9th wettest March ever.


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