The Airline Prayer


I took four flights in the past week. On each plane there were two rows of three seats and we had the aisle and middle seat. Now, we flew Delta, and the seats are barely large enough for the average sized human. I sat in the middle on each of the flights, and was lucky enough to be in my seat before the “window person” each time.

From the moment I sat down, I began fervent prayers to He-who-decides-who-sits-next-to-whom that he is merciful upon me and my kin by not allowing someone with the mass of Nova Scotia to sit next to me.

It also started a fun game of assessing people as they walk by “Oh, he’d be fine.” “Oh no, not her!” “The next three would be perfect.”

Thankfully, all four times the person sitting next to me was of fair to average build.

Bless the Lord!


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