The Amazing Dry Bones Blog shows us how the U.S. and Middle East issues have stayed the same

Dry Bones Blog

For 37 years, Yaakov Kirschen has been drawing political cartoons about Israel. They can be seen here at his blog. There has been much in the news about how Israel is being criticized for building land in the “occupied” Jerusalem, known to Jews as the capital of their country. The sheer folly of asking a country to give away part of their capital, the one they “annexed” after winning it in a war is ridiculous.

This absurd request by the American government, in the Quixotic quest for “peace”, is not a new one. The players may have changed, but the request remains the same.

Back in 1977 the  Prime Minister of Israel was Menachem Begin. The cartoon for June 1, 1977 was as follows:

Dry Bones June 1, 1977

Dry Bones Cartoon June 1, 1977

You may click the image above for a clearer image of the wording.

Now, in 2009, the request is the same, with the same basic thought process behind it – Israel “annexed” land that doesn’t belong to them.

Today’s cartoon:

Dry Bones Cartoon June 1, 1977

Dry Bones Cartoon March 23, 2010

As you can see, it’s really a reprint with the names and pertinent information changed.

The folly remains, sadly so.


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