Sites of the Week: Failbooking and Lamebook

OK, so I’m a day late with my site of the week, and therefore you will get a 2-fer, for two reasons.

1) You deserve it.
2) The two sites serve the same function and share the same goal.



We’ve all either posted something on Facebook we didn’t mean to or know someone who has. We also probably don’t always think things through before we hit the Enter button, whether it’s a photo that best be left unshared or a message meant to be sent to an individual being posted for all to see. These two sites chronicle hysterical postings and/or comments. Sometimes we just don’t think things through.

A bunch of it is not meant for those with sensitive natures or tendencies, which might make sense considering that much of this stuff should never have been make public to begin with, so beware and be aware.

Just because it’s me, the “samples” I will provide center around the English language.

That’s right kids. English fun!

This week’s sites of the week: Failbooking and Lamebook.


One comment on “Sites of the Week: Failbooking and Lamebook

  1. jradaskie says:

    Ha, this was good. Made the day that much better. Thanks.

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