Jersey Shore heads to South Beach in Miami for Season 2!

Jersey Shore

Cast of MTV's Jersey Shore

From the Miami Herald:

From what we hear inside City Hall, Jersey Shore in Miami Beach is a done deal. Despite protests from some locals, South Beach rolled out the Ed Hardy carpet and Jersey Shore jumped on it like, well, a reality star in an awards show gifting suite.

MTV is said to start prepping for the show here in two weeks, to be followed by the arrival of the cast. Though we’re not 100 percent sure on where the merry gang of guidos will be residing, depending on who you ask, it’s either too close or not close enough.

You can practically hear the fists pumping — some, up in the air in a joyful display of delight, and others into various walls around the city.

Get ready, Miami. And don’t say you weren’t warned.

Article here.

Good luck to all self-respecting Floridians! Something to consider: Why is a show filmed in Miami called Jersey Shore?


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