Site of the Week: Clients From Hell

Clients From Hell

Ever hear a request from a client that is just impossible and absurd? This site is largely geared towards clients in the tech/computer world, but the feelings conveyed are universal, and as a rule, universally funny.

For example:

Leather/Carpet Samplings

For a brief period I was working for this web development company for small to medium sizes business. This is a conversation I had with one of their car upholstery clients after I just received a package containing over 100 leather and fabric samples.

Me: …and was hoping you could elaborate what it is you wish me to do with these. Scan each and add them to your site?

Client: Yes.

::after completion::

Client: When I touch my screen, how come I can’t feel the difference between each? I want visitors of my site to be able to feel the difference between each sample…

What a hoot! Many more like this just waiting for your visit.


Site of the Week: Clients From Hell


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