Trauma is back, for now at least.


Trauma NBC

Trauma, a new show this year that’s on NBC, is finally back on the air, at least for the time being. I really like this show. There are so many shows on television that have turned everyday life on its head, and each one has a murder, investigations ensue, followed by shenanigans and the uncovering of some person who is cuffed and pays for their crime (NCIS, CSI, et cetera). Every time a car crashes, or someone gets stabbed, it has to be some wild part of a plot to do something dastardly.

What I find so refreshing about Trauma is that sometimes a car accident is just one guy not paying attention and hitting another car. People get hurt. Sometimes you’re just sitting around and a guy has a heart attack. It isn’t always the result of him being poisoned because he’s a spy for the Russians. The EMTs of San Fransisco jump in (or fly in) and try their best to save the day.

The show also does a really great job of making the show fun to “watch”, with some cool explosions and many helicopter rescues.

I’ve read that the show is just going to air its original episodes and then cancel it, but I’m hoping it sticks. There are many worse shows on TV right now. Ultimately, while I love the players, especially “Rabbit”, and think they’ve done a really nice job of selling the way the characters interact with each other and deal with the high-stress job that is being an EMT, I think they’re going to have to step the plot up to keep the show going.

I hope it’s not too late.

Read all about the show and watch full episodes here.


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