My Favorite History Channel Special, The Presidents, is on sale! YES PLEASE!

The Presidents - History Channel

I am thrilled that my favorite History Channel special is on sale for 50% off! Click here for the special sale! The Presidents is an eight-part special that “illuminates the legendary leaders and forgotten placeholders in a 215-year history of the highest office in the land”.

The States & The Presidents Gift Set

It’s actually being sold as a box set along with “The States”, which “tracks down what’s special and unique throughout the union. Its ambitious state-by-state approach ensures that each region’s highlights get the attention they deserve.” I haven’t seen that one at all, but it looks really interesting and hope to pick it up.

I’ve watched The Presidents easily a few times each (the memory isn’t what it used to be), and remember new tidbits about different Presidents each time. The sale only lasts until February 21st, so if you’re interested in getting the package, don’t take too long.

Hope this interests you!


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