Toyota is moving fast to fix the problem!

2009 Toyota Camry SE

2009 Toyota Camry SE

Not that I think my post had anything to do with it, but Toyota has taken a huge step to getting these cars fixed. From the New York Post:

Toyota in a pedal push

WASHINGTON — Toyota Motor Corp. said yesterday its dealers should get parts to fix a sticky gas-pedal problem by the end of this week as the automaker apologized to customers and tried to bring an end to a recall that has affected 4.2 million vehicles worldwide.

The company said in a statement that it has begun shipping parts and is training dealers on the repairs. Some dealers will stay open 24 hours to fix the 2.3 million cars and trucks affected by the nationwide recall.

Technical bulletins on how to install the new parts should arrive at dealers by midweek, the company told dealers in an e-mail. It was not clear exactly when repairs would start, although dealers have said they’ll begin as soon as possible.

Toyota also said yesterday that it would suspend production of eight US models affected by the recall for this week, with factories restarting on Feb. 8. The company suspended sales of the models last week until repairs could be made.

Still slightly fuzzy on exactly details, but this is huge news for people that have been affected by this problem.


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