Origins #5: Phrases from Shakespeare

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Whether you have positive memories of William Shakespeare’s works or not, you’ve certainly heard of many of them. You can’t graduate high school without making your way through a few of his more famous pieces. He’s attributed with over 200 plays, sonnets, poems, et cetera, and you can probably name fifteen of them without batting an eyelash. What isn’t as well-known about Shakespeare is how many words, phrases and expressions Shakespeare made up. I found a website with 135 phrases which with he is credited.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Just a few of the best-known ones:

A sorry sight

All’s well that ends well

As dead as a doornail

At one fell swoop

Fight fire with fire

Good riddance

I will wear my heart upon my sleeve

Make your hair stand on end

OK, enough for me, I would strongly advise you to peruse the full list, which is quite overwhelming, considering all these expressions we use in our daily speech came from his mind.

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