The importance of the filibuster


I’m not a political expert, or an expert in the laws as it related to voting for bills, but the concept of having a checks-and-balances system for Congress seems really vital to me. I’m not an expert in the specifics of the current health care policy in Congress,  and therefore I am making a more general remark prompted by what’s going on now. I realize that it can be a way to block things that “should” be passed, or are “good for the people” in SOME peoples’ opinion, but it’s that very point that makes it genius. The danger of NOT having the ability to block a bill that is seen by many as a danger is rather scary. If by some means a majority of Congress became Communists, or some form of system that was not in line with our values, the filibuster becomes vital to protecting the people of the United States from this alleged danger. This sort of talk doesn’t help, especially if it ends up being self-serving and convenient.

Because it’s me, I couldn’t resist including this link.


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