New York Giants WR Steve Smith is going to the Pro Bowl!

Steve Smith Giants

New York Giants WR Steve Smith

Over this past season, he’s become an instant fan favorite. His candor, close connection with his fans, and down-to-earth approach is endearing him tremendously to us Giants fans. From reading his Twitter and Facebook page, you get the instant sense that he isn’t a stuck-up celebrity that is only out to please himself. The perfect example is his most recent post, the one where he shares the news of his being added to the Pro Bowl:
GOING TO THE PRO BOWL.. i wanna thank YOU my fans who im so appreciative for because i couldnt have gotten in with out your votes.. also wanna thank eli, the OL, mario, hakeem, hix, sinorice, ramses, hagan, boss, the rbs, amani, plax, coach sully, coughlin, gilbride, my former usc teammates and coaches, and everyone within the giants organization.

How many players publicly thank their fans, more than twenty players on their team, along with people who have been positive influences and helped him accomplish what he has so far? It makes me proud to have him play for the team I root so hard for.

All this aside, he had a monster season, and deserves the accolade. He led the NFC in receptions, and was third in receiving yards. He also led the NFL in third-down catches with thirty-eight. Plus, he blew away the Giants single-season  record for receptions with 107. A Giants receiver with over 100 catches? Unheard of. What also adds to the joy is that it’s been over forty years since the Giants have sent a wide receiver to the Pro Bowl.

Congrats to a guy who deserves what he gets!


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