Starbucks raises prices… bad coffee never cost this much…

Starbucks IV

Let’s face it – either you can’t get enough Starbucks, or the mere idea of going inside the coffeehouse makes you ill. I tend towards the latter, as a rule. I really don’t like paying ridiculous prices for prettied-up coffee. I realize that many people love the specialized coffee, and are willing to pay for it. Does it make it worse that they never told anyone and just starting charging more? Eh. Lots of places do that. You find out when you pay.

Starbucks Homeless

Apparently, you’re going to have to pay even more for it. Does seventy cents more matter to someone who is already paying six dollars for their morning coffee? I don’t know, but according to this article in the New York Post, just about every cup of coffee has gone up.

In what can only be a silver lining, the price of their “regular” coffee went down ten cents! Celebrate good times!

My favorite quote from article:

“Living in the city is already expensive,” the cocktail waitress said. “I’m shocked they raised prices without telling anyone. It seems like they cared about their customer base, but they don’t. Now I’ll go to Dunkin’ Donuts.

My sentiment exactly. Their coffee is much better anyway, and you don’t need to speak Italian to order which size drink you want.

6 comments on “Starbucks raises prices… bad coffee never cost this much…

  1. zaradzki says:

    If you think starbuck is expensive in the US trust me it i a lot worst in continental europe, not to speak of russia;

  2. zaradzki says:

    Also, given your point about the need to speak italian you may enjoy this story;


  3. E says:

    What about 1:15 of the above video?

  4. John Fouty says:

    I like the post. As avid lovers of coffee and for someone who consumes 6-8 cups, your post sticks. I like the style of writing too! Good job!!

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