Site of the Week: British Soldiers, American Revolution

Last time I posted a site of the week, I took some flak for the lack of originality in the post because of how well-known Failblog is. As a dislclaimer for future posts, I’ll paste what I wrote in the first Site of the Week – “You may know some of them, or all of them, but I want to share the sites I love most.” I promised to go somewhat more obscure, to make sure that most people were learning about a website they’d never heard of before. I think this week’s site will fit that bill just fine. I present to you:

British Soldiers American Revolution

From the site:

A place for information about British soldiers who served during the American Revolution, 1775-1783. Thousands of soldiers wore red coats, but little is known about them as individuals. This site will change that, soldier by soldier.

I’ve been a big fan of studying the American Revolution for a few years now, and have enjoyed different aspects of the time period. Something I’d always lamented about was my lack of knowledge of how the “other side” operated. All the books I’d read told of the underdog fledgling group of colonists who wanted a land of their own, and the details known about their lives and accomplishments were readily available for any reader hungry for the knowledge. However, I always wondered what it was like to be a British soldier fighting the “rebel Americans”, and what the lives of the common soldier were like. This site seems to do that quite nicely, with a nice variety of detail about the average soldier, along with details about how the military operated.


This week’s site: British Soldiers, American Revolution.


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