Site of the Week: FAILblog


In many circles around the internet, introducing people to failblog is akin to telling them about google. Failblog has been a mainstay for years of images and videos where someone or something “failed”. As usual, you will get the disclaimer that not all of the things you find on the site may be tasteful, but then again, it depends on your tastes. For those concerned about seeing something they don’t want to see, there is an option on the site to only see “G-rated” things.

As an example:

Maze Fail

Maze Fail

Clearly, the maker of this maze did not look this maze over before sending it to the printer – hence, Maze Fail.

Millions check this site often for its regular updates leading to hours and hours of chuckles and slapping of the thigh.


Today’s site: Failblog


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