Reruns?! Arghh!

I love watching my TV shows. Can’t get enough of em, usually. I know that isn’t the greatest statement to make; one should definitely not rely upon the ‘idiot box’ to entertain oneself, but my shows intrigue me. They make me laugh, make me cringe, and make me hope the good guy(s) wins, day after day, week after week.

All of a sudden (it isn’t really , but I don’t research when my shows will air in advance, so it seems that way), I will turn on the television, or look online, and find that my show didn’t air that night. I hate reruns, aka repeats. I don’t mean to come off as unkind, but if I had my way the actors that perform in my shows would be providing entertainment fifty-two weeks a year. Do they have families? Perhaps. Could they use some down-time to refresh their creative juices? I imagine so.

What’s happening to the characters during the hiatus? What of that girl that got kidnapped? The never-say-die FBI agent who never even seems to use the bathroom, let alone take months off? Do violent criminals not need catching? Do patients not need curing? Will the aliens take over?

OK, so I see the need for television shows to have seasons, and that you can’t air an episode of every television show ever week. I get it. I just don’t like it.


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