The New York Giants are at a crossroad… and after losing fix out of six they’re.. confident?

Chris Snee

New York Giants G Chris Snee

1. “They’re looking to deliver the knockout punch,” said Giants guard Chris Snee. “We’ll see who delivers the knockout on Sunday.”

Michael Boley

New York Giants LB Michael Boley

2. “This division is wide open,” said linebacker Michael Boley. “At this point in the year with this many games left it’s up in the air. It’s a crap-shoot. I’m not going to say they’re the team to beat. Anybody has a chance to win this division. It’s all about how you finish.”

Justin Tuck

New York Giants DE Justin Tuck

3. Justin Tuck said earlier this week that, on a scale of one to 10, his confidence is an “11”. His teammates seem to feel the same way.

Kevin Boss

New York Giants TE Kevin Boss

4. “It’s hard not to lose a little confidence when you’re on a losing streak like this,” said tight end Kevin Boss. “But I think we’ve kind of got to refuse to feel that lack of confidence and just remember how we started the season. There’s no reason why we can’t win these next several games and give ourselves a legitimate shot at making a run in the playoffs.”
5. “We haven’t been winning lately so people are going to write us off and that’s all right with us,” Boss said. “We still believe in each other.”

Tom Coughlin

New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Coach Tom Coughlin has a quote that seems more reasonable. “Naturally they are down. Everywhere they look they’re being beaten down. We’re trying the best we can to get the spirits back up.”

The team has either played very poorly recently, or has played almost well enough to win, only to lose at the last minute. The one victory they did get they almost blew and needed an overtime field goal to avoid further embarrassment. Granted, they have been hurt, to some degree. Kenny Phillips was supposed to be a star at Safety, but they lost him for the season early on. Now, you have “Defensive Captain and General” Antonio Pierce for the season, as well. Apparently the coaches didn’t love the way Chase Blackburn played as his replacement at Middle Linebacker, because this week second-year MLB Jonathan Goff will be starting instead. We’ll see how this plays out; the coaches seem to be high on him.

Besides the season-ending injuries, and their consequences, the Giants have also been dealing with random injuries that are making life much tougher. RB Ahmad Bradshaw has been playing with two injured feet, RB Danny Ware has been ruled out of this week’s game because of a concussion, and S Michael Johnson didn’t practice today either.

If the Giants want to have any chance at making the playoffs, this week is a must-win. They’re playing a motivated, hot Dallas Cowboys team, which is currently two games ahead of the G-Men. The Giants would really need this win anyway, because they’re a game out of the Wild Card also, and don’t want to fall too far behind from playoff contention. The Giants need to turn it around, and who better to defeat soundly than their NFC East division rival, the team they just barely beat in the new stadium in Dallas earlier this season.


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