Really Rihanna? Do you think saying all females should take nude pictures is good advice?

Everyone’s favorite abuse victim, Rihanna, has decided to speak her mind about a topic near and dear to her heart. Rihanna, whatever that name means, advises every woman to take nude pictures of themselves, because “In five years my body might not look like this!” There you have it, ladies and gents. Despite the growing problem of young teens taking photos of themselves and sending them to people, this genius is advocating that EVERYONE should be doing this. You can read the entire article for all of the quotes from this expert on morals here.

Now, I don’t think (hope, anyway) that too many people look to pop stars as role models anymore, but for someone who got the bejeezus pounded out of her a few months ago, you’d think she’d cool it on the crazy for a little while. The aftermath can be seen below.

Rihanna Abuse

Rihanna after Chris Brown beat her

Far be it from me to tell people not to take photos of themselves, but is this really the message that she should be spreading? MENSA just crossed her off the list of potential members.


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