NYC To Get Subway Clocks!

Waiting for Subway

It’s always been a source of frustration having no idea when the next subway train is going to arrive. Thankfully, the MTA is starting a $200 million project that should have countdown clocks in over 150 stations, which would be really nice.

leaning over subway track

I guess it wouldn’t be that necessary in the mornings, when most trains come every few minutes. It would be very helpful at night, or on Sundays, when it seems like the trains come once every Chinese calendar. Not that I think it’d stop people from leaning over the tracks, as though their hanging precariously in space will make the train arrive sooner. (see above photo)

I also wonder how accurate it would end up being. My guess is that you’d end up with some pretty wildly inaccurate numbers. We shall see.

CBS Article


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