Meet the new cast of Scrubs!


When “Scrubs” returns to our TV sets with all-new episodes on December 1st, it’s going to look very different. J.D. may or may not be around, Sacred Heart Hospital will be a fond memory and Turk will be a med school professor. Dr. Cox too.

Of course, professors Turk and Cox will have pupils… whom ABC has just released the first official “Scrubs” photos of.

Take a look…


Michael Mosley is set to play Drew, a 30-something medical student, returning to school after dropping out of Harvard Med a decade ago. Drew will be a reluctant mentor to his young classmates.


Kerry Bishe is set to play Lucy, a 22-year-old medical student, the first in her family of fishermen to attend college. Overwhelmed by the pressure from her professors and her parents, she sounds a bit like a blue collar Elliot Reid.


Dave Franco is set to play Cole, a 22-year-old medical student, who might rub people the wrong way. We’re hearing he’s a crazy entitled, rich kid whose family has no problem using their money to give him an edge.

Like what you see?

Will you watch this year?

Article courtesy of ZAP2it

I’m kinda curious how this will go.


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