Aaron Ross is practicing! Praise the Lord! (and other Giants news)

Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross

It’s been six long weeks since the New York Giants Cornerback Aaron Ross has practiced. He has missed the entire first half of the season with three hamstring injuries, but it seems like he’s FINALLY on his way back, and it can’t be soon enough. The Giants defense has been brutalized the past bunch of weeks, and it’d be nice to know that Ross, who was a very solid player since his rookie season, will HOPEFULLY be back in the lineup. I imagine this means that Corey Webster stays a starter, and Terrell Thomas becomes the Nickel back for now. Ross is hoping to be back in time for the game against the Atlanta Falcons on November 22, following this week’s bye week for the Giants. I wonder what would happen if Thomas moved over into a Safety position, which has been a weak spot for the Giants this year since Kenny Phillips injured himself for the season.

D.J. Johnson

D.J. Johnson

In other Giants news, LB Gerris Wilkinson (dislocated wrist) has been placed on Injured Reserve and DB D.J. Johnson has been signed off Denver’s practice squad. He was on the field this morning, so we shall see how much of a role he plays.

In news that’s totally nuts, there are now FIVE players on the Giants with the last name Johnson. D.J., Michael, Darcy, Gartrell & Bruce. Lunacy.

Ralph Vacchiano and Mike Garafolo articles, if you’re interested in further reading.

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