Nick Swardson’s Show Update!


“There’s long sketches, there’s parodies, there’s quick one-offs,” Mr. Swardson said. “That’s kind of how my standup is — stories and one-liners and stupid jokes about drinking. And then I go into a real story of my life.”

The series (which doesn’t have a title yet, though Mr. Swardson said he was leaning toward “Pretend Time With Nick Swardson”) will not have a fixed ensemble, and will cast different actors for each skit. “I don’t have the hubris to make every sketch revolve around me,” he added. “I don’t have to be in every single minute of the show.”

Among the writers and producers contributing to the show, Mr. Swardson said, were Horatio Sanz (of “Saturday Night Live”), Tom Gianis (“Human Giant”), Brian Posehn (“Mr. Show With Bob and David”) and Greg Cohen (“Late Night With Conan O’Brien”).

Article here. I’m really excited for this, and love some of the people with whom he’s working.

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