Gold hits a new high, and I’m a silly goose


Not that I would have been able to invest billions in the shiny commodity that is gold, but when I started working in the industry five or six years ago, gold was in the $400s. I pondered putting some money into the industry, and seeing how it goes. Well, ladies and gents, gold has hit $1,085.07 dollars an ounce, and that is a lot of money for an OUNCE of gold – a TROY ounce, nonetheless! Granted, with my luck, I would have sold at each hundred dollar increase, and would have sold long ago, but because I never even bought any I can claim that I would still be holding onto some weighty bar of the earth’s gift. It’s amazing how the global instability causes people to run to physical commodities.

You may read an article about the price of gold here. Honestly, I didn’t read it, but since when did a lack of concrete information stop me from speaking on a matter?


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