Meet The Breeds: A day with hundreds of dogs, the two of us, and Mario Lopez

meetthebreedsYesterday we went to the AKC’s Meet The Breeds event at the Javits Center. You can read about the event here. As an animal novice (at best), it was pretty cool seeing all sorts of dogs that I’d never heard of, and got to see them up close. I was never much of a “pet guy”, but of late, rumors have it my tastes may have somewhat changed and would consider perhaps maybe getting a dog of some variety. The show was really enlightening for me, and was really fun. Each breed had its own booth with dogs and owners/experts in the breed to answer questions. I generally gravitate towards the larger dogs, because the glorified hairy rats, the “ankle biters”, always just seemed like more of a nuisance than a real dog. I loved seeing the huge dogs, like Bull Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, and Saint Bernards, that look more like small horses than dogs. I always thought that if I got a dog it should be the kind that if we bump into each other, I’m the one who gets the worst of it. I did, however, realize the impracticality of the huge dogs, and that unfortunately they’re historically guard dogs, and I would prefer a more friendly breed, not one liable to use a guest’s leg as a chew toy. I figure we’ll probably end up with a mid-sized dog, and right now the favorite appears to be the lab. I prefer the yellow, Dina prefers chocolate/black. This wouldn’t be for a while, anyway, it was just a really fun time.

Why is Mario Lopez listed? Patience – I’ll tell you. He was there doing some sort of promotional something, i.e., I haven’t a clue. It was amusing watching him chase after tiny dogs and look like a horse’s patoot trying to look cool doing it. He also seemed really short and appeared to be wearing a remarkable amount of makeup. Yikes.


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