Scales, and following guidelines.

Someone may throw out a question as you walk out of a theater. How much did you like the movie?

First thing I want to know is what sort of scale are we working with? Objective? Subjective? Bathroom? (Somebody please find me a digital one that isn’t wildly inaccurate and fluctuates 10 pounds one way or ther other in a matter of seconds. I look at the scale, see I lost 20 pounds and yell “HUN, START BAKING CAKES!” and “HEY, WHY DON’T YOU FRY IT AGAIN! FRY IT DEEPER!”) Doctor’s scale? (always 3-5 pounds higher than any other scale anywhere, ever.) Seismic? Richter? Regardless, people never stick within the assigned range. It’s either a negative 2 or 100. “How much do you love me, honey? 1-10?” “Oh, a billion, my angel.” People need to learn how to stay within predetermined parameters.  It’s about time.


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