(For starters, I’m a neologist. Questioning my usage of words is futile .)

To the point!

I’ve recently joined a gym. In order to join the gym, you have to speak with a sales rep who gives you the spiel about pricing, get a tour of the premises, etc. I realize that as a sales rep, you’re supposed to talk what you’re selling up; Make it sound amazing.  You should be expressing it so well that I feel like I couldn’t possibly even entertain joining another gym. Their trainers are the BEST. The current deal is the GREATEST and will never be beaten! Invariably, the discount ends by the end of whatever day you walk in.

I get all that (and oh boy, did I get it).

The problem is, if I know from the get-go that you’re going to be one of those “everything is amazing” people, everything you say is taken with a grain of salt. If some of what you say turns out to not be true or exaggerated, even if almost everything you say is ACTUALLY honestly and objectively amazing, your credibility is in question.

I don’t like being sold something. I wanted to join when I walked in. Despite the barrage of constant lauding of the place in leiu of real conversation, I joined anyway.


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