Mother nature, we’ve bested you, apparently…

There’s something I’ve always wondered. As a ballpark figure, dogs have been around for 10-15,000 years in their current form. They may or may not have evolved from wolves, and been tamed, but I’ll leave that part of the discussion to the experts. Dogs have something we humans don’t. It’s called fur. And despite their apparent ability to survive every feasible element that mother nature has thrown their way, people feel the need to dress these animals. Seeing a little canine in a cute coat when it’s 50 degrees boggles my mind. There may have actually been an entire ice age since dogs have been around, but somehow this thick furred creature needs a sweater made by Burberry.

Now, I know the picture above isn’t a dog. The bull is wearing an ad for the Sports Museum of America, which opens today, actually.  When I saw a 7,000 pound bull wearing a sweater advertisement yesterday, I decided that I’d about had enough and needed to comment.


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