A bull’s shame

We’re all aware of the existence of the famous bronze 7000 pound “Wall Street Bull” near the bottom of Broadway by Arturo Di Modica which happens to be about 40 steps from my office. Since it’s permanent installation in around 1989, it’s become one of the most popular places to take pictures in the city.

Up close it’s a rather impressive piece of art, and one can certainly see why people would want to take a picture near or on top of it. From the time I get to work until the time I leave, I usually see people waiting for their turn for a picture with the bull (No charge!) (“charge” pun not intended).

What’s interesting/creepy/hysterical is that often there are as many people taking pictures of the rear side of the bull as the front. If you google “wall street bull” you will see a decent percentage of the pictures taken focused on the rear, and particularly, the bull’s “equipment”. There is actually a whole webpage full of pictures of people doing things that can only be described as taking away the bull’s innocence. And people see us locals are immature. Turns out, we’re all children.


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