The great “accident” of 9/11/01

images1.jpgI’ve heard many explanations as to what occurred and who is to blame. I’ve heard that it was the Saudi terrorists, I’ve heard that those same hijackers have been seen alive, I’ve heard Bush did it for oil, I’ve heard the Jews did it (why not?), and I’ve heard the U.S. government did it.

I heard a new one on the train this week. Some fellow of sub-continent Asian descent approached me on the train and asked me the closest stop to the World Trade Center. As we passed Cortlandt Street, we got to talking, and he said the strangest thing. He referred to the “accident” that happened that day. I don’t think he meant to indicate that two planes piloted by different people, accidentally crashed into twin buildings the same morning, but then, what did he mean? He didn’t misspeak. It was clear that that was his thought on the matter.

Just curious to me, that’s all.


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