Bippity, Boppity, PARTY!

images1.jpgMost people would love to have a magic power of some kind. Some would use it expressly for good; causes like ending starvation, world peace, faith healing for all, etc. Other people would use it for evil, or for their own personal gain, like endless money, women, chariots, and so on. Not me. I want a whole host of powers that serve no purpose but for my own amusement. Just something fun to do when I’m bored.

Chiefly among them would be the ability to shoot confetti from my wrists. At the beginning, I’d probably have difficulty controlling it, and it would go off at random, scaring the bejeezus out of me. Although, from a practical standpoint, no matter how unexpectedly it went off, it does qualify as an instant party starter. Arrive early to an event and find a despondent host that has found everything but confetti? Problem solved. I picture being able to shoot any color I want, on call. I imagine I will have multiple buttons on my arm for each different one, like the bartender’s mysterious drink-dispensing devise.

I’ve also given a fair amount of thought to being able to shoot spaghetti from my wrists. I know it sounds silly and absurd, but I think it’d be cool. Sounds pretty impractical as a power, but I could totally see it as an attack defense. Someone comes too close in a back alley, all of a sudden they are flooded with yards and yards of linguini. Feeling a bit peckish but can’t find anywhere to eat? Not a problem. Fresh tortellini at your disposal.


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