“All my life,” I prayed for a song like you…

images11.jpgI was in CVS on Thursday night, and all of a sudden K-Ci & JoJo’s song “All my life” starts playing. Now, sometimes (not often) I can hear a song I know, and not sing along. This song, however, I must sing along. I say to my buddy, “This is the best song!”, or something to that effect. As I say this, a fellow whose skin is more than a few shades darker than mine says the exact same thing to his young lady-friend. We heard each other and laughed. (What really happened is, I thought it was funny, but waited until he laughed before I let mine out.) I walked to choose my purchases and when I returned to the line both of us were singing along, quietly. I joked that nobody has any idea what K-Ci & JoJo even look like and the two of us could probably have shown up at a concert or radio station pretending to be them and nobody would have even known it was a miscellaneous Jew and average black fellow! Laughs were abound.


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