Bryan Adams, and shame

Bryan Adams AnthologyI kind of had an iTunes disaster a few weeks ago and every file lost its ID tags, causing each of my many thousands of songs to now be referred to Unknown by Unknown on Unknown Album, Year Unknown. This particularly irks me because I was rather anal about having every song, album, and genre precisely to my liking.

I digress.

When I got a new phone, I wanted to put music on it, but was disinclined to re-tag my files so I went into another folder on my computer of music that i used to have in my iTunes folder that was shelved in favor of music I deemed more worthy. As I’m perusing, I happen upon the Bryan Adams Anthology. I decided to take a trip down memory lane, and I gotta tell ya, I love it. I’m sorta ashamed by how much I love it, but I do. Cuts like a Knife, Summer of ’69, Run To You, Heaven, Everything I Do, etc. Classic soft rock from my early formative High School salad days. As penance for my love of this Canadian’s soul music, I will add one Al Cheit this High Holidays Season. Phraseology not yet determined.


One comment on “Bryan Adams, and shame

  1. Dina says:

    WOW! This is as bad as my listening to Z100 in the morning! While I love Bryan Adams you can no longer make fun of me! HAHA! Your wife listens to Z100 and you like Bryan Adams! 🙂

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