My 27th Birthday, Jealousy, and firsts.

images4.jpgYou might think this a note about how I did something spectacular yesterday, something completely otherworldly in its awesomeness. It was my birthday, and it says Jealousy in the title, it must be.

Eh. Wrong.Unless you are an avid fan of visiting the dentist on your Birthday Sunday, you probably don’t envy me.Also, I found out I need my first root canal. Hold all jealousy until the end please.Here’s the kicker. My health insurance isn’t supposed to kick in until February 1st. Which means, counters of days, ideally I would wait another 10 days before getting it done. The dentist did some work to make it feel somewhat better (somewhat being the operative word) and I’m on Amoxil and Tylenol until either said date or until I declare it time, by hook or crook.

After that, we went to Boro Park to remeet up with our reupholsterer and told him the backs he made for us don’t fit into the chairs so he now has to redo them (or otherwise make them fit in a way we couldn’t.)

Those 2 things aside, If you can put shaving a tooth down aside, yesterday was lovely and could have only been better by the Giants defeating Green Bay. Once that occurred, and I stopped yelling NO FREAKING WAY over and over, the day that commemorates my birth (although probably didn’t resemble that particular day at all) was complete.


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